Monday, August 3, 2009

Blame It on the Rain

It was pouring on Friday night so instead of exercising outside, my husband and I opted to exercise inside . . . at Target. We spent a full hour doing laps. Dollar bins, electronics, school supplies, house wares, grocery, check-out. Repeat 12 times. It was the final two hours before closing. I’m sure they didn’t appreciate us using their store for exercise, but we kept our pace to relaxed, but purposeful. Some of my realizations from that walk:

I love Target. Other women love Tiffany’s, but Target is my Tiffany’s.
The exercise equipment is completely hidden, but low cost snack foods and movies are on the end caps across the store.
There is a Target brand low calorie frozen meal that is just like Lean Cuisines, Healthy Choice, and Weight Watcher meals.
I like looking at food, but my mind had a hard time circling the food without intending to buy any food.
I don’t just like eating food, I like buying food.
I cannot leave Target without spending at least $100.
Once I reach my goal weight I’m going to focus on reducing my Target addiction.

Friday Exercise Journal
2.5 mile walk

Friday Food Journal
100 – Whole grain waffle
420 – Veggie Wrap
140 – Fruit salad (pineapple, honeydew, grapes)
225 – Turkey burger
030 – Ketchup
100 – Baked Cheetos
040 – Coffee

Saturday Exercise Journal
Jari Love’s Get Ripped 1,000

Saturday Food Journal
150 – 2 boiled eggs
050 – Grapefruit
240 – Oat bread
130 – Baked Cheetos
025 – Oatmeal cookie
148 – Turkey, cottage cheese, veggies
150 – Cereal, yogurt, banana
1000?? – Dinner at Cakes & Ale

Sunday Exercise Journal
1.5 hours mowing the lawn
4 hours of pain from my first yellow jacket sting

Sunday Food Journal
100 – Whole grain waffle
050 – coffee
263 – Turkey sandwich
1,000?? – Dinner at Cakes & Ale

Weigh in: -7.5 lbs despite two nights of ridiculous splurging at Cakes & Ale. I'm still down half a pound from last week. My what's-his-name and I had an anniversary dinner with my parents on Saturday and one on our own on Sunday. Sunday night I ate goat for the first time and found it to be rather delicious. I ate tons of veggies and healthy stuff, but there was champagne and dessert . . . Nothing says thank you for being married to me like food! No regrets. We did some pretty good exercising to make up for the food.

Weird weight loss tip. Circle the grocery store once without putting anything in your cart. Circle the second time and pick up what you need. I made very wise food choices at Target because I had a chance to ponder before I picked up anything.


  1. It's funny how that works, huh? I always think after a series of whacked out eating that the pounds will skyrocket but our bodies seems to figure something out in the end. I think it's when splurges=everyday occurrence that we run into trouble.

    I'm definitely with you in the Target boat. At least when my brother worked for Target (for a hot minute) I could justify that I was "supporting him." I love your Target workout though...what a great solution to the rain!

  2. I've had very careful days since Sunday and still feel full and happy. :)

    I hate shopping, but Target isn't like shopping. It is life buying.