Friday, August 7, 2009

Just the Facts Ma'am

Thursday Exercise Journal
50 minute walk
24 flights of stairs

Thursday Food Journal
060 - Coffee
150 - Super Green 96 Protein Shake (I love green stuff, it is good. There is also blueberry if you are a wuss)
170 - Tandoori chicken (Ethic Gourmet)
100 - Steamed veggies
030 - 1 square Dove Dark Chocolate
300 - All natural organic pumpkin cream cheese muffin

I'm going to sleep. Busy day at work and home tomorrow. And I've got my real writing to do. None of this imaginary stuff. Send me what encouragement you can.

Weird Weight Loss Tip. Self Delusions.
Am I the only one noticing that you are taking weird weight loss tips from someone who needs to lose weight? Convince yourself that you are your own body subject matter expert and follow your gut, your instincts on what you need to do to become personally successful. Weight loss, writing, photography, bringing sexy back. No matter.

Not so weird weight loss tip. Sleep. Nighty, night. I'll miss you until Monday! Happy eating and exercising.

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