Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Peaceful and Easy

I like the way your sparking earings lay against your skin so brown. And I want to sleep with you in the desert tonight with a million stars all around . . . As you can tell, I’ve got a peaceful easy feeling this week. Some good news to report.

I have it on good authority that Hilton Head Health now has an official beach yoga class! Hooray. Think about how many happy people will be breathing in and out like the tide.

My H3 friend Jeff has started a blog called Starving Foodie. We all have different fitness, nutrition, and weight loss strengths. Jeff knows food. I'll keep you posted when he posts cool stuff.

Unrelated to my diet, I got good news yesterday that I'm a Maggie Award Finalist. I'm rather excited. I only had two things on my to do list this year. Get healthy and final in the Maggies! I'm nervous excited and motivated to keep writing and exercising.

Today is my wedding anniversary. Since we indulged in two anniversary dinners this weekend. I will be spending this evening at a kickboxing class with my friend Kym. A lot more useful than a box of chocolates and some roses!

Weird Weight Loss Tip. Show your appreciation. Thank someone for helping you. They might be willing to help you again. Maybe the realization that you can’t do this alone will encourage you to get help from a friend. Maybe you getting motivated might help someone else get motivated.

Thank you, Karen for the beach yoga. I'm having a peaceful feeling just knowing you've got got a group doing down dogs in the sand.

Thank you, Jeff, for all the wonderful food suggestions and positive attitude.

Thank you, Kym for the kickboxing class tonight. Probably best anniversary gift I could get this year.

Thank you to what's-his-name. Workout partner, jokester, rock, partner-in-crime.

Monday Exercise Journal
20 minute walk
30 flights of stairs
1 hour of yoga

Monday Food Journal
140 - Kashi, yogurt, banana
170 - Tandoori Chicken
090 - Veggies
050 - Grapefruit
070 - Peanuts
290 - Tuna sandwich
100 - Shells and cheese
017 - 2 almonds (silly, but true)

Happy eating and exercising!


  1. Major congrats, Nicki, on the final!!! Way cool and I can't wait to cheer you on at the conference in October!

    Best of luck with the weight loss. I can totally relate. I graduate next May and bought a really nice dress in a size 8. I am NOT a size 8. Which means, I too am working on that one goal. 9 months to go. Almost like giving birth...grin...

    I'll definitely be working out with you!


  2. Glad to hear that the beach yoga is 'official'. That just gives me one more reason to go back one day :)

    Thanks for posting this blog and reminding me of the importance of this journey.

    'See' you soon,
    Chris (from H3)

  3. Hi Tami and Chris, thanks for stopping by. The journey is important and a lot more fun than I had anticipated. Take care.