Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Enemy Within

I'm watching Star Trek, which means I'm having a lovely evening. In the episode "The Enemy Withing," Captain Kirk has an evil duplicate who wears a tad bit more eyeliner than the regular Kirk. Oh, I'm for a cornucopia of fine 1968 acting.

Obviously the title caught my interest, since much of this diet voyage is about keeping down your doppelganger, your bad twin, the enemy within. I kept mine at bay for another day. There. Diet advice and a poem.

Wednesday Food Journal
150 - Granola
080 - Yogurt
170 - Tandoori chicken
100 - Steamed veggies
300 - Peach cobbler
100 - Grapefruit
270 - Deviled Eggs
000 - Diet Coke

Wednesday Exercise Journal
6 Flights of stairs
1 hour of yoga (Inhale with Steve Ross)

Weird Weight Loss Tip
Diet Coke and Deviled Eggs. I met up with a friend at a pub earlier today. Pub food is not diet friendly. Fish and chips, fried jalapenos, beer. I opted for deviled eggs and a diet coke. Two unusual treats. Still yummy and fun and better choices than the alternatives. Oh wait, I have another tip. Fight your doppelganger as Kirk is about to do. Must be worth double the calories in exercise. Earlier in the episode he was carrying a "uni-dog." Hilarity. There are no words for how much I love Trek. Keep the enemy within at bay. Happy eating and exercising!


  1. I recently started watching Star Trek. I always had an aversion to it for some reason, but decided not to judge it until I gave it a shot.

    A friend of mine, who is Star Trek obsessed, wrote a list of his favorite episodes (complete with synopsis) for me to read and choose from. This is the first episode I ever watched. I had no idea Star Trek was so campy. I also had no idea William Shatner looked like that when he was young, or that he was ever young to be honest.

    I have since added the rest to my queue. :)


  2. Mandy, I was feed Star Trek as an infant. I can't remember not watching. Let me know when you get to my all time favorite episode "Journey to Babel". Drama and Spock hotness.

    Shatner was a young buck. Check him out in the Twilight Zone and Big Valley. He was a young cutie in many 60's shows. But I've always been a Spock girl. Let me know when you move on to TNG so I can talk to you about Worf.