Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Zumba and a Few Challenges

Me on the computer so obviously not working on my book, but rather looking at google.
Tuesday Food Journal
070 - 1/2 cup Cottage Cheese
050 - 1/2 Grapefruit
100 - Banana
094 - Brie
330 - Pesto Veggie Sandwich (Best - and most rare - thing in the cafeteria at work)
100 - Strawberries
070 - Peanuts
290 - Tuna sandwich (Made with Tabasco and plain yogurt instead of mayo. If I were good like Starving Foodie I'd have a recipe, but I never use a recipe...)
170 - Grilled cheese
235 - Peanut Butter and Jelly (I needed the extra calories for Zumba. See below)

Tuesday Exercise Journal
30 minute walk
18 flights of stairs
1 hour Zumba (with my neighbor who was kind enough to invite me to class)
1 hour yoga (with Steve Ross on Oxygen)

A special thank you to my neighbor for taking me to Zumba. My neighbor is Colombian so I was a little intimidated by her awesome Latin-ness, but the instructor (who was from Belize) did not laugh at me nearly as hysterically as the kickboxing instructor last week. Nothing like a class where the instructions are "arriba," abajo," "shake it," and "grind." It was like a night club without boys.

A few challenges have been thrown my way this week:
  • I going to try to fit into my senior formal dress from college. Yes, I still have the dress. It is super cute. Unfortunately, my college senior formal was, ahem, a few years and dress sizes ago.
  • Write a chapter of my novel for every pound I lose. I've got a chapter to write this week. Some of my writing buddies are going to take the challenge with me. I hope to be skinny and prolific by year end.
  • Go to Zumba every Tuesday for the next four weeks. Struggle part is the time of the class (7pm) and you do remember that I have a job and I have 3 small kids. Oldest is just starting kindergarten and a new school year. This is a very big challenge. Miss hearing me make excuses and complain? Go back to Nicki's Reason's Why Not.

Weird Weight Loss Tip
Exercise in another language. Some how I wasn't nearly as irritated at an instructor shouting dance moves at me in Spanish as I would have been if they were shouting at me in English.

Recycled weight loss tip redux. Don't just dance a party or wedding. Find an organized dance class or dance exercise class. Salsa your way to fitness. Dancing, not the food, folks. Happy eating and exercising!


  1. I am telling your this from the bottom of my heart. You are worth a new dress. It's a BIG DEAL and for the BIG DEAL you need something totally new.

    Zumba sounds like great fun!

  2. Hey Nicki! Zumba does sound fun. I think Debbie Zumba's also. Ask her about it.

    I agree with Michelle. Although it's nice to be able to fit into that dress, buying a new one and working towards that has been my goal. I bought a new dress for graduation next May. Have it hanging in my closet and by God I will fit into that thing!!! I will!!!!!!!

    Great blog and I do read it, just on Google Reader at work so I can't comment when I want to!!! (am home with a sick kid today so I'm playing catch up)

    Keep up the great work!


  3. The awesome Latin-ness comment resonated with me. I taught Spanish forever and had all sorts of coworkers from Cuba, Mexico, and beyond. If only I could absorb a little bit of that Latin-ness to learn to properly sway my hips. Alas, I still maintain dance is like a foreign language: any moves learned after the age of 12 will go to the other side of the brain. That's why I dance like a spaz with no rhythmn.

    Keep up the good work.

  4. Michelle, new dress = $$$! Maybe I will try to squeeze into my senior formal dress for M&M...

    Tami, I can't wait to see pictures of you in your new dress!

    Sally, spaz is my favorite dance move.

  5. Nicki,
    Mom and Dad do Zumba. Dad even bought special shoes for it. They love it! I will have to pass on what you said about not being as irritated when the instructor hollers in spanish, very funny!

  6. Caroline, I already knew you had an awesome mom and dad, and here is the proof!

    Zumba is a great trick on the body. "No I'm dancing." "No I'm working out." "No I'm having fun!" By the time your mind figures out the hour is up and you've burned 500 calories. :)