Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Some Advice From A Writer

My friend Kym and I went to hear author Jonathan Tropper read last night. He has written This Is Where I Leave You and other books. I realized what curious people writers are. I will now share a few key insights from his talk and reading that have nothing to do with dieting, but I thought you might be smart enough to extrapolate some diet and exercise motivation.
  • Sometimes a review might hurt your feelings, but if the review is fair you can take the good with the bad.
  • Writers might want to hide in their writing caves, but eventually (if they are successful) they'll have to get on stage and be the rock star they always secretly wanted to be.
  • You might write 100 pages before you coming into your writing stride. Then you will need to throw out the first 100 pages you've written.
Tuesday Exercise Journal
20 minute walk

Tuesday Food Journal
080 - Yogurt
150 - Granola
100 - Apple
090 - Steamed veggies
320 - Lean Cuisine Lasagna
140 - Sun Chips
050 - Grapefruit
180 - Pita Chips
500 - ???Burger and Fries from Leon's

Weird Weight Loss Tips
This is a mean one, and I apologize in advance for the meanness. Get rid of the haters (not Mafia style, but Minnesota nice). Diet haters. Life haters. People who do no good in your life, but discourage you. Unfortunately, you no longer have room for them. If you are reading this blog and think I'm perfect and all of this is easy. Please remember that I do have sad moments, moments when I cry, when I am overworked and tired, and days when I've given everything to everyone else but myself. I don't appreciate the "I hate you for losing weight" comments. I've put you on notice so now you know.

On the same note, recognize healthy habits in your friends. When we drive through my neighborhood and pass someone running my husband says "You're all winners." There are a lot of runners in our neighborhood. My husband is only half mocking them. Remember that the next person you see running is sacrificing something (housework, family time, job) to run. They are winners! They are doing something for themselves. You should do the same.

Happy eating and exercising!


  1. I'm going to take that first piece of advice about a review and extrapolate it out to really be about my mirror. Sometimes objects are not smaller than they appear . . .

  2. The Pride of SalinasAugust 26, 2009 at 9:50 AM

    I'm actually about 3/4 mocking them. Yes, my heart is a dark, craggy place. But I do give the runners, walkers, dog-walkers with their plastic grocery bags of dog poop, etc. their deserved credit: they're doing it. That's part of what keeps me going. If that jagoff in our neighborhood can drag his a** out of bed to walk his wife's little sissy dog and pickup and walk around with a Kroger bag of its excrement, well, hell's bells, there's no excuse for me to get up and do some yoga or a few pushups and situps. Shame is a powerful motivator.

  3. Michelle, I love that idea. I'm going to use #1 to take the good with the bad when I look in the mirror.

    Pride, 3/4 mocking is an improvement over the old cynical you. Obviously we will not be getting a dog any time soon... When you go running or do yoga or do 70 push-ups (thanks to Jari Love), I'm very proud of you.

  4. Is not doing housework technically a sacrifice? I usually feel like running away from my vacuum cleaner too.