Thursday, August 13, 2009

Nighty Night

Cat who likes to sleep on my yoga mat also likes to take cat naps with babies

Wednesday Food Journal
100 - Banana
050 - Plain Yogurt
060 - Half Caf (half decaf coffee with skim milk)
340 - Lean Cuisine
100 - Steamed veggies
070 - Peanuts
100 - Plain yogurt and blueberries
203 - Ham sandwich (light oat bread, laughing cow cheese, 1 slice of ham, spinach, tomatoes, yumminess)
200 - Haagen Daz Dulce de Leche Ice Cream (1/4 cup and it was rather filling, but way too sweet. They need to make the same thing, but instead of caramel use peanut butter!)

Wednesday Exercise Journal
10 minute Mini-boot camp (sprints, squats, jumping jacks, push-ups, sit-ups)
30 minute walk
1 hr Jari Love Get Ripped 1,000

Weird Weight Loss Tip
Sleep. 8 hours burns about 500 calories depending on your weight. In lieu of extra words, I'm getting some extra Z's. More writing tomorrow, happy eating and exercising!

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