Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Fell Off the Wagon . . . .

. . . . But the Wagon Was Sitting on the Floor

This is a picture I took in a wagon. In a corn maze. Tis the season.

I've been a bad bad girl. I've been careless with my diet and exercise journal. I haven't written in them since Friday. Getting ready for kindergarten, orientation, work projects and other stuff. The unpredictability of the weekend doesn't really translate into the ability to catalog how I exercise and eat. Thank goodness for this blog or else I would have really fallen off the wagon. I will recount what I've done as best as I can from memory.

Tuesday Food Journal
050 - Honeydew
050 - Plain yogurt
200 - Ham sandwich (Light oat bread, laughing cow cheese, tomato, mustard and ham)
150 - Kettle salt and pepper chips
100 - 8 oz Santa Cruz Organic lemonade
200 - Chick-fil-A chargilled chicken salad 1/2 packet of balsamic dressing
050 - Waffle fries
150 - Icedream
025 - 1/2 peach

Tuesday Exercise Journal
1 hour Body Works at LA Fitness. I'm assessing the affordability and viability of joining a gym with my work and writing schedule and three little kids. I'm trying to turn my "why nots" into my "why yes I cans." Anyone wants to donate $3,000 to my exercise fund? Doesn't take care of the writing and kids issue. C'est la vie, no? Until then I'm enjoying my one week free trial.

No Zumba! I'm bummed, but family obligations got in the way. I'll try to go tomorrow.

Monday Confession
Not only did I not journal, but I think I under ate calories on both Monday and Tuesday. This is not good for a host of reasons. The big takeaway is that I thought I had fallen off the wagon, but I've actually trained myself pretty well to be conservative. I've eaten when hungry. I've not watched the clock for times to eat. I'm super tired and stressed, but I'm also super happy today! I did not fall off the wagon and today is my oldest child's first day of kindergarten (5K as we call it locally).
This is what school looks like when you are in 4K.
Weird Weight Loss Tip
Pack your lunch the night before. My daughter eats two things. Macaroni and cheese. Peanut butter sandwiches. No jelly or jam. It makes packing her lunch rather easy since I'm not going to send her to school with macaroni and cheese. Tonight, I packed her lunch and mine. Tomorrow, I'll be back on track for writing down everything in my paper journal.

Thanks to Mamie for sharing her words of wisdom yesterday. For the rest of you, happy eating and exercising. And to my big girl, happy first day of school.


  1. On my trip to DC, I had one foot off the wagon most days.

    I made sure that I ate well when I had full control, typically at breakfast and lunch. Most nights, dinner was a free for all.

    Either drinking, portion control or healthy food options were tossed out the window.

    I did eat my afternoon snack most days and tried to eat a bit of fruit before going to the dinner/networking events or out with my family.

    I made better "bad" choices than I did a year ago. I often feel that half of the fight is making better bad choices.

  2. Better bad choice is my mantra. Was in an all day meeting. Good thing those usually have nice fruit platters. I ate loads of blackberries and only 25% of a cookie. Much better bad choice than I used to make!

  3. Worst, better, best. That is my new mantra for all things in life. That and eliminating the "all or nothing" mentality.

    I think it is a good thing that you fell off the wagon with your journaling for a few days. 1) In looking back, you found that you were able to make good decisions, even without the journaling, which is ultimately the goal. And 2) you proved that you can temporarily fall off the wagon, but get back on. In this case, it was an extremely minor fall: you didn't journal. During the holidays, it may be a potentially more dangerous fall: overindulging in sweets. But one meal, one day or week, is not an indicator of success or failure, and you know you can get right back on the wagon the next meal, day, or week. Awesome!

    I had a full week off the wagon in Las Vegas, where I did not journal at all, even in retrospect, and barely exercised (thought I kept my pedometer on and cringed every night at the low number). But I am fully back on now that the kids are in school. Did my 5 mile walk yesterday, with a latte in between the loops (I cannot tell you how good it tasted!) and did a grueling (for me) 1.5 hour hike with my neighbors today. My pedometer tells me it was the same count as yesterday - so close to 5 miles, but half of it was uphill. We basically walked down The Peak and back up. I'm exhausted but happy with myself. :-)

  4. I just wanted to say hi to all my HHH friends! I enjoy your blog, Nicki. I check in about once a week and catch up. When I'm home more, I'll stop by more often.

    I haven't been in a regular routine for the past few weeks- travelling, houseguests, etc.- so I get the bad, better, best thing big time. The good news is that I have been exercising much more than I used to. (better) I am still eating too many calories, but quite a bit less than before. (better again...) And I'm journalling EVERYTHING.

    Looking forward to the kids going back to school and the return of structure- every September brings that. Hoping to move up into that 'best' category really soon!

    Take care-

  5. Mamie, I'm the opposite of you. I was doing great until school started for the kids this week. I'm trying to find my flow. I put in two really good workouts Monday and Tuesday in prep for the chaos that started on Wednesday. We'll see how my weekend goes. 1.5 hour climb up hill? You are awesome!

    Marea, glad to see you here. You are reading my wild ramblings? I appreciate knowing you are out there in spirit. Better is now the best for me. Sometimes I'm about to chastise myself and then I think how much better I'm doing. I'm glad to hear the same for you. Better and best every time. We'll make Adam, Beth, and Bob proud soon enough. Thanks so much for stopping by!