Tuesday, August 11, 2009

When the Poop Hits the Fan

Scat Cat! My cat insists on interrupting my yoga nightly. She doesn't even like me, but she loves me when I yoga. This is the only animal whose scat I'm allowed to view.

I was watching educational television with my kids this weekend and the topic was animal scat. I had never heard that term before. Scat means poop! I case you haven't noticed, bowel movements are a subject of great hilarity for both young and old. You haven't lived if you haven't read the "poopie list". I look forward to a future "old fart" birthday. It just goes to show that pooping is funny and important.

Now a bunch of
Weird Weight Loss Tips about poop.
  • Sorry guys, but you are going to have to look at your poop. Color, size, frequency, consistency.
  • Talk to your doctor about your poop. I get it. You don't want to talk to me about your poop, but you should talk to your spouse, friend, co-worker, and especially your doctor about your poop.
  • Take care of your poop. Drink water, consume healthy oils (avacado, olive oil), eat fiber. But don't overdo it. Excessively cleansing can hurt your bowels as much as neglecting them.
Poop resources
If you don't want to talk about poop now, the
American Cancer Society will get you to talk about it later. Exercising and eating healthy can reduce your chances of many cancers including colon cancer. Get checked or remind someone you love to get checked.

See a video of Dr. Oz explaining poop in less than a minute. I never saw the famous Oprah poop episode, but I did hear about it from my mother. Mothers love to talk about bowel movements and cleansing. Jamaicans call it "wash out". Wash out means you'll drink some tea and spend the rest of the day in the bathroom. As a kid and an avid reader, this day was not nearly as traumatic as it sounds. Good excuse to lounge with a good book.

Sort of related, but mostly not. Starving Foodie blogged about beans! And corn. Come guys, it is funny.

All this talk about bowels is my
final weird weight loss tip of the day. Talking about poop is an appetite suppressant. Also cleaning a cat box is an appetite suppressant. Pretty sure you don't feel like eating that quarter pound Angus burger now. On that note . . .

Monday Food Journal
070 - Plain Yogurt
100 - Banana
000 - In honor of today's blog psyllium husk in my yogurt!
600 - Chicken Fajita Salad
260 - Flax Plus with raisin cereal
120 - 1 cup milk
105 - 1/2 Pop tart (I was scavenging after the kids. Bad habit, I know.)
075 - Frosted flakes (see excuse above)

Monday Exercise Journal
30 minute of yoga
18 flights of stairs
30 minutes in park with kids
1 hour yoga

I have tons of pictures I'd like to post, but really none for today's topic. Scat Cat on Yoga Mat will have to do. Happy eating and exercising.


  1. I will comment on poop. I am not ashamed because I was taught early on a great appreciation for bathroom humor from my father who has an impressive collection of animals that "poop" jelly beans.

    Interesting post. It's worth noting that Fiberchoice really can help you control your weight, and anyone who's trying to lose weight should be careful they're getting enough water and enough fiber or bad things will happen. Or won't happen.

    Now if we could only figure out a way to make EggBeaters palatable--that's been my challenge of the past week.


  2. I got over poop as a taboo subject when I had kids. I bet you won't find very many moms who won't discuss poo. My kids are getting to the age now, though, that when I question them about their poo (usually after they have complained about one thing or another, or have consumed too much cheese OR eaten an entire bag of dried apricots) they get this horrifed look and go, "Mooottthhheer! Really!"

  3. First proof of mommydom is the ability to speak of poop. Haven't heard of Fiberchoice, but I'll look it up. Sally, I love egg beaters, but you can't think of them as eggs. Same with tofu as meat. Doesn't compute.

    M, I'm well versed the the "Mooottthhheer! Really!" but right now it is me still saying it to my mom. :)

  4. A great *kids) book on the topic is called, Everybody Poops by Taro Gomi.

  5. J, I love "Everybody Poops". It should be on the top 100 must reads.

  6. Jeff, and I really do think that bean/corn recipe sounds delicious!