Friday, July 31, 2009

Friday Night Light – Day 12

A walk on the beach in Hilton Head at sunset.

used to look forward to Friday as my splurge day. Go out on Friday for lunch with my co-workers. Eat out on Friday night with my what’s-his-name. Friday splurge day would have been cool if every other day wasn’t splurge day for me. Now I need a way to reward myself after a long work week without food, but I’m not sure what to do. Go to a movie? Take a walk? Healthy backyard picnic? Buy a yoga video? My friend recommends "Bryan Kest Power Yoga Complete Collection." You know me and yoga! This would be a nice treat. But I really need a treat where I don't eat, and I don't spend money. Send me your ideas or buy me the Bryan Kest yoga video.

Weird Weight Loss Tip
I like cookies, but now I think of cookies as my cigarettes.
Do you smoke? Think about quitting. Do you overeat? Think of the excess food, the extra food your body doesn’t need, as cigarettes. Don’t want to take my word for it? Check out Cancer Statistics for 2009 or specifically “Cancer Prevention & Early Detection Facts & Figures 2009” and “Excess Weight Linked To 90,000 Us Cancer Deaths Annually.”

Not worried about cancer? The American Diabetes Association, American Cancer Society and American Heart Association have joined together in a historic collaboration to encourage the prevention and early detection of cancer, diabetes, heart disease and stroke. For more go to Everyday Choices.

Thursday Exercise Journal
25 Flights of stairs

2 hours in the emergency room with a 2 year old on his birthday. 2 hours past his bedtime. Say that 10 times fast. Laps around hospital waiting for doctor to tell us arm was not broken, just bizarre reaction to bug bite that makes your arm blue and deformed. I challenge anyone who says I didn't burn 100 calories from stress. Don't do what I do.
Stress is actually a weird weight gain tip.

Thursday Food Journal
075 - Boiled egg
100 - Banana
090 - Cottage Cheese
050 - Honeydew
240 - Oat bread
126 - Deli Turkey
050 - Cheese
090 - Yogurt
050 - Blueberries
225 - Turkey burger
100 - Edamame
200 - Most delicious cream cheese pound cake that my mom makes. My monster's birthday, I get to eat homemade cake warmed and served with . . .
100 - 1 tbsp Bruster's vanilla ice cream

Oh, I’m a meanie. You thought I was going to blog about football. All in good time, my friends. I want you to read any of the links above and start thinking about saving your own life. I'm a double meanie. I gave you homework on Friday. Ha, ha. Happy healthy reading, exercising, and eating. See you Monday!


  1. Splurge days ...

    Food Reward:
    Weekends are tough, so I prefer to have Thursday as a day I am a less attentive to eating on the lower end of my calorie range. This way I have a healthy Friday going into the weekends. So if the weekend blows up with some beers and fish tacos at the beach, I don't have 3 consecutive days of unwise eating.

    Activity Reward:
    Not spending money or not eating is tough. Most of the things I enjoy involve one or the other and often both.

    This will require some cash, but you need to eat:

    What if you have a quick picnic. Instead of spending your time fixing everything, grab some pre-cut fruit, salad and a rotisserre chicken from a good food store, e.g. Fresh Market, Whole Foods. Take the brood to the favorite park and play flag football, boce ball, frisbee, fly a kite or some other outdoor activity that gets a bit of exercise in.

    Yeah, you have to spend some money but your reward is 3 fold:
    1) You don't have to really prep the picnic.
    2) You get some exercise
    3) Time with the brood*

    *This may or may not be a benefit depending on your mood. :)

  2. I like the picnic idea. Love my monsters, but it really becomes an event when you have to drag a 2, 3, and 5 year old along. I'll try something and report back. Whole reason I had kids was so we could have a flag football team...

    My lunch treat was a roasted veggie, spinach wrap. It was a treat, but a healthy treat! Jeff, keep the ideas coming. Keep my motivated. Maybe we can meet and do a mini boot camp on the GA/FL border.