Friday, July 24, 2009

Run Away with Me - Day 5

It has been a weird week. I feel like I have a new superpower. My husband claims he can hear his metabolism buzzing. Here is the problem, I'll be traveling soon. A wedding out of town. Lots of friends from college. Oh, don't you remember how much fun food was in college?

I'm going to eat and enjoy myself, but I'm also going to bring my running shoes. Something I've never done before, but I heard an interesting comment at Hilton Head Health from Beth Leermakers. Dr. Leermakers is Hilton Head Health's Wellness Counselor.

What would a runner do if she were traveling? She'd pack her running shoes. I've packed my running shoes. I've carved out some time on Saturday morning to walk or run or move before the wedding festivities start. Ditto for Sunday before I fly back home. I'd like to do 30 minutes each day. More if I can. I've also packed my food journal so you can hear all about the exciting things I eat, and maybe about the exciting things I opt not to eat. Of course, I'll bring my camera.

Weird Weightloss Tip
Be your own fortune teller. Write down what you plan to eat at the beginning of the day. Having a plan means you might better be able to control your calorie intake. Hmm. This is great advice. I might just try this! Actually, I did this twice this week and it helped me avert "emergency" eating and snacking. Happy exercising and happy eating!

Going to miss me until Monday?
I'll share my exercise and food journals with you next week. Until then go to H3Daily blog for a crazy backyard workout!


  1. Find Fruit!

    I attend a few conferences every year and the food is typically laden with fat. Often served buffet style, there's little room for personal pererences. Healthy snacks are hard to come by as well. So, I try to pack and apple or two.

    Use your fruit/veggies as an apetizer to lunch. Unless they have some unadulterated fruits and veg, eating your apple will help fill you up before diving into the unknown.

  2. You are inspiring me! I walked on the Agnes Scott track Friday and was sore for two days. I'm trying to eat smaller portions. You are an amazing person Nicki!

  3. Jeff, you are awesome. Don't forget to tell me what kind of sunscreen you were using at H# so I can buy some for my husband! Packing an apple is a great idea. I packed a few granola bars. You never know when you'll be stuck in the airport and the only options are fast food and candy bars. I love apples and will carry some next time.

    Michelle, you are amazing too. Homemade yogurt. Lots of healthy food in your house. Exercise is just a part of it, and walking is a great start. My mom does daily laps at the mall. I wrote about 3 pages on my story this weekend. Walking is clearing my mind. It'd be nice if I lost weight and finished my book by December. Sense a challenge brewing? :)