Monday, July 20, 2009

Happy New Year - Day 1

I just spent a fabulous week at Hilton Head Health (H3). I learned a lot. I promise to tell you the details later, but none of what I learned can be translated into a blog. This is a blog about what happens when you learn something, when you reached the tipping point. I wanted to set up some public accountability for my new lifestyle in the form of a weight loss blog. This will not be for those looking for something quick and easy. You might have to follow this blog for years before I get to my desire results. But I plan to enjoy the journey, and I hope you do to.

When you are flexing what you really want is for your closet friend to be laughing hysterically (in the foreground) and 6'5 former pro volleyball player to be smirking (in the background).

As I said on my writing blog: Don't wait for January 1. Start writing, exercising, eating healthy, cleaning your closets today. For now this is my plan:

I will post my
  • daily exercise routine
  • food journal

If I have time I will post
  • complaints and happiness
  • people who helped me
  • weird tips for weight loss

I'll also remind you about nice websites with official recommendations like The Hilton Head Health Weight Loss Newsletter and Yoga Journal. I will also see if I can get my friends to chime in who are also learning new habits for fitness, healthy cooking, stress management, and weight loss. They say the key to weight loss success is keeping a journal. And here I thought it was staying away from the Krispy Kreme Donuts. Oh, and I am going to talk about food. It is my favorite. I have serious plans to eat a big piece of wedding cake in Minneapolis next weekend.

Food Journal
Calories - Food item
150 - 2 boiled eggs (2 x 75)
035 - Kashi whole grain puffs 1/2 cup
025 - 1/4 cup blueberries
050 - Kefir plain yogurt
050 - Honeydew melon 1/8 of whole
170 - Ethic Gourmet "Chicken Tandoori w/ Spinach"
025 - 1/4 cup blueberries
100 - medium banana
200 - 4oz baked salmon (I made this!)
035 - Dijon sauce (I made this, too! With plain non-fat yogurt as the base)
100 - spinach salad with sprouts and balsamic vinegar (I didn't make it, but I assembled the parts)
005 - 2 pieces of sugar free gum

What dinner tonight looked like. I cooked for my husband and parents. I gave my oat bread to my dad. I don't think he liked the "healthy cooking" because he put gobs of the dijon sauce on salmon and spinach, but then he weighs 125 lbs soaking wet. For my true friends, please see the evidence of my cooking (I swore off cooking once I started having the little monsters). Big monster (age 5) entered the kitchen while salmon was cooking and proclaimed "Grown up food smells yucky." Dude, thanks for the encouragement. I have to say, I really liked the salmon and sauce. Pretty close to what we ate one day at H3.

Exercise Journal

6:30 am 2 set of 12 (chest fly, biceps, triceps, reverse lunges, squats, row, overhead press)
60 mins walking
2 sets of 6 flights of stairs at work

3 sleeping monsters by 8:15pm
30 minute soak in Epsom salt and vinegar
1 what's-his-name who joined me in tub

Weird Tip for Weight Loss
Sugar-free gum. It is also good for your teeth.

Since this is not my writing blog, I don't have time for verboseness, but if you want to read my writing related ramblings go to Petit Fours and Hot Tamales or click here to see my posts. Coolest bunch of women writers you'll ever meet. Happy eating and happy exercising.


  1. Hey Nick - you a leaving a great legacy of a healthy lifestyle for our entire family. If you ever want a wimpy workout partner, cut fruit (you know my hubby), or someone to cook healthy for you (just give me a recipe), I'm here.

  2. R, you are the best. Thanks for the walk on Sunday. 2 miles is nothing to sneeze at! I'm proud of you, too.