Saturday, March 12, 2011

LL Cool J Exercise Plan

Remember the George Clooney Diet? This week I'm all about LL Cool J. I'm not ready to track my food yet, but I am exercising.

Wednesday - 1 hour yoga
Thursday - 40 minute interval walk/run
Friday - 30 minute interval walk/run, 30 minutes of yoga
Saturday - Soccer mom (there is no way to calculate this exercise)

The moral of the story is LL Cool J. As I ran, all I could think was "You're jiggling, baby." Which of course made me think of the song "Jingling, Baby." That made my running happy. The more I jiggle now, the less I'll jiggle later. Thank you, LL.

On a side note, two friends kindly emailed me regarding pilates and Zumba. Rule #1. Be sure to keep good friends by your side, the kind that reach out a hand and encourage you. I also exercised several times with my tweenaged niece. She's lazier than me, but she is a good motivator. Even sent me text messages to let me know what exercising she did on her own. A good kid.

As some of you know I gave up Facebook for Lent. There are always people out there waiting for you to fail. This is a reminder to those people that I need encouragement. Don't wait for me to fail or break my commitments. It makes me feel disappointed in you. Now you owe me an apology. Twitter is not Facebook. (And Facebook emails me updates once a week, so I can see you talking bad about me). Do 50 sit-ups, and I'll challenge you to an arm wrestle on Easter Sunday.

Until then happy eating and happy exercising. Even if you are jingling all the way. Was LL talking about Christmas in that song? What does jingling baby mean anywho? A point to ponder on my next run.


  1. I jiggle way too much, too. I've been exercising lately and I have to concur with your two friends about Zumba, if they had good things to say. I do an hour class every Wednesday and LOVE IT! In fact, I can't do more than 20 minutes on an elliptical, and an hour of yoga kills me, but at the end of an hour of Zumba, I'm looking at the instructors like, "what do you mean we're done???" So awesome.

    Good luck with your exercise, your Lenten restrictions, and everything else going on right now!


  2. Thanks. Noelle! I love Zumba. I even wrote a blog about it. Wanna hear it? Here it goes So glad to hear that you're begging for more! :)

    I haven't Zumba'd in forever, but yoga is my constant. Especially with the running I need to stay limber. Thank you for the encouragement, I need it! (Writing secret: I am much more productive with my writing when I exercise. True story).

  3. I haven't Zumba'd yet, BUT with all this talk about it, I think I might have to go out and buy a video and try it. I'm not all that coordinated, so I'd rather try this in the private of my own home where I only have the ones I love laughing at my mad skills.

    Haven't heard any grumblings about ya. In fact, I've felt your absence. So you are doing great there. Keep up the great job in both areas of your life!

    Have a terrific weekend.